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1. Ethnography and archaeology of tribes a. A large and diverse category of societies b. Farmers (horticulture or agriculture) c. Permanent or semi-permanent settlement d. Higher population density than hunter-gatherers d.i. Settlement often >100 d.ii. Entire tribe often >1000 e. Village exogamy (marry out) f. Tribal endogamy (marry within) g. War, small-scale, variable importance h. Fission and fusion more difficult, with some exceptions
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Unformatted text preview: i. Social institutions i.i. Family i.ii. Lineage i.iii. Clan i.iv. Sections/moieties i.v. Sodalities j. Redistribution k. Leadership l. Egalitarian l.i. Leadership achieved l.ii. Limited power l.iii. Privileges balanced with responsibilities l.iv. Personal autonomy l.v. Variable gender differences...
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