Notes 12-6-10 - Writing Ex. Sumerian...

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1. Chiefdoms and states a. Differences in size and complexity b. Stratified, hierarchal culture c. Leadership and power c.i. Permanent leadership positions c.ii. Close to ideological sources of power c.iii. Important ritual roles d. Economy d.i.1. Overproduction is essential d.i.1.a. People must produce more than needed to meet household requirements d.i.2. Redistribution d.i.2.a. Supports non-producers d.ii. Collective labor and public works d.ii.1. To keep people busy and under control d.ii.2. Promote group solidarity d.ii.3. To impress them with the power of the chief/state d.iii. Public Monuments d.iii.1. Examples d.iii.1.a. Moai of Easter Island d.iii.1.b. Stonehenge d.iii.1.c. Great pyramids at Giza d.iv. Chiefdoms vs States d.iv.1. Chiefdoms: Redistribution through the chief (kin based) d.iv.2. Chiefdoms: External trade d.v. Standardized currency
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Unformatted text preview: Writing Ex. Sumerian cuneiform, Mayan glyph writing, Rongo-Rongo script of Easter Island e. War e.i. Especially in states e.ii. Competitive, expansionist e.iii. Predatory f. Settlement f.i. Central place: chief’s residence, ruler’s palace f.ii. Monumental architecture f.ii.1. Sacred structures f.ii.2. Spatial markers f.ii.3. Storage f.iii. Fortification f.iv. Infrastructure (roads, wheeled transport) f.v. Example: Cahokia f.v.1. Center of a large chiefdom f.v.2. Housed ~16,000 people g. Sumptuary goods g.i. Become increasingly common g.ii. Their value as status symbols decreases g.iii. A kind of inflation g.iv. Fience, an early type of glass h. Burials h.i. Few pots and stuff = commoners, elaborate graves = rich...
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Notes 12-6-10 - Writing Ex. Sumerian...

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