Discussion HW due 9-29-10

Discussion HW due 9-29-10 - Mike Shi - #24910512 9/29/10...

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Mike Shi - #24910512 9/29/10 Anthro102 Discussion (Wed 6pm) Shoes Shoes have been around for about 10,000 years, with the sole purpose (no pun intended) of protecting and comforting the feet. The world’s first leather shoe dates back to the 3500 BC. It was made by a single piece of cowhide laced with a leather cord along the seams and the back. They were designed to protect the feet from rocks, debris, and cold. By the middle ages, shoe designs became more complicated, with features such as size adjustments using drawstrings to tighten the leather. Apart from practical adjustments, however, shoes became a symbol of status. In medieval Europe, fancy shoes meant power and wealth. New styles and trends became popular only to be replaced by newer ones. One trend that gained tremendous popularity was pointed shoes. The points became longer and longer until fashion outweighed practicality. Patterns were put onto shoes for the ones who could afford it. Eventually, the concept of sewn-on soles (the bottom part of shoes that touches the ground) was developed. By the 17 th century, most leather shoes had sewn-on soles. Another development of practicality
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manifested in the 1800s: differentiation between the left and the right feet. Before then, shoes
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Discussion HW due 9-29-10 - Mike Shi - #24910512 9/29/10...

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