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Discussion HW due 10-13-10 - Complaint"These artifacts...

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Lost Treasure of Machu Picchu Yale (Bingham) would not let Peru have its culture patrimony, several thousand fragments + 350 artifacts taken from Machu Picchu Peru has demanded it since 1920, recently began to request the artifacts again Peruvian ambassador tried to revive conversation of Yale’s return of artifact *** Last month, Peruvian Yale alumni sent a letter to University President to return. Some 300 pieces still in good condition on display in Peabody museum. Yale agreed to return them in due time but still are holding onto it Yale wants to establish itself as global university, with collaborations with Peru, but if it delays the return of the artifacts any longer, it will make collaboration impossible
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Unformatted text preview: Complaint: "These artifacts belong to Peru and its people and are central to the history and heritage of the Peruvian nation. Yale is wrongfully, improperly, and fraudulently detaining this property and has refused its return." Yale: "rejected Yale's offers to negotiate a collaborative agreement and instead decided to sue the university to recover archaeological material legally excavated at Machu Picchu." Peru still maintains its standpoint that Yale agreed to return everything, and accuses Yale of breach of contract, fraud, and various civil conspiracies 2007 memorandum, Yale agreed Peru would have legal title to the Machu Picchu items...
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