Discussion HW due 10-20-10

Discussion HW due 10-20-10 - Sheets of ice b Periods of...

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1. Bipedalism – walking with 2 legs a.i. Two-legged a.ii. Erect a.iii. Straight a.iv. Locomotion a.v. Standing b. Modern day humans display bipedalism . 2. Breccia a.i. Fossils a.ii. Conglomerate a.iii. Cavern a.iv. Deposits a.v. Rocks, bones b. Breccia help archaeologists decipher cave activity during the time of deposit 3. Flake a.i. Chipping a.ii. Hammerstone a.iii. Déitage a.iv. Core a.v. Percussion b. Flakes were the result of attempting to make stone tools 4. Estrus a.i. Fertility a.ii. Sex a.iii. Ovulation a.iv. Flaring a.v. Evolution b. During times of estrus , animals will display signs of sexual receptivity 5. Lithic a.i. Stone a.ii. Flint a.iii. Periods of time a.iv. Artifacts a.v. Flaking b. Lithic artifacts preserve much better than organic ones 6. Glacial a.i. Ice a.ii. Chronology a.iii. Period of cold a.iv. Glacier a.v.
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Unformatted text preview: Sheets of ice b. Periods of glacial and interglacial alternated in history 7. Sexual division of labor a.i. Hunting a.ii. Gathering a.iii. Dominance a.iv. Cooperation a.v. Sharing b. Sexual division of labor was characteristic of the prehistoric man 8. Handaxe a.i. Tool a.ii. Stone a.iii. Teardrop-shaped a.iv. Bifacial a.v. Point b. Handaxes were all-purpose tools 9. Cleaver a.i. Tool a.ii. Stone a.iii. Broad a.iv. Big a.v. Gouge b. Cleavers were like handaxes except with broad lead edges 10. Burin a.i. Tool a.ii. Stone a.iii. Planing a.iv. Engraving a.v. Small b. Burins were smaller than cleavers and handaxes and were used in a more artistic rather than practical way...
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Discussion HW due 10-20-10 - Sheets of ice b Periods of...

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