Discussion HW due 12-1-10

Discussion HW due 12-1-10 - Mike Shi 12/1/10 Anthro102...

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Mike Shi 12/1/10 Anthro102 Discussion Essay Aassignment The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race Jared Diamond’s point in his article is that the worst mistake in the history of the human race is the domestication of plants and animals. This is because the entire purpose of domesticating plants and animals is so there would be more plants to harvest and more animals to eat. Less time can be spent hunting and gathering and more can be spent doing whatever leisurely non-survival activities that we farmers want to do. Diamond supports his point by bringing into question what exactly proves that farmers have more time on their hands to do other activities. He includes evidence from archaeologists who have done studies to show that for modern hunter-gatherers (yes, they really do exist), the time spent obtaining food each week is only 12-19 hours for one group, and 14 hour or less for another. Farmers concentrate on high-carb crops while hunter-gatherers have a much better balance of nutrition in their diets. And, even with their high-energy crops, there was still
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Discussion HW due 12-1-10 - Mike Shi 12/1/10 Anthro102...

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