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Study Guide for Exam 1, Week4

Study Guide for Exam 1, Week4 - 4 How do government...

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Study Guide for Exam 1 (Week 4) Reproduction I . Questions from Lectures: A. Key Terms 1. Reproductive Rights 2. Biological, Social Reproduction 3. Female Sterilization 4. Maternal Mortality 5. Obstetric Fistula 6. Reproductive Choice 7. Contraceptives 8. Female Genital Mutilation 9. Pronatalist 10. Coercive Antinatalism 11. Reproductive Rights B . General Questions: 1. Why is reproductive control a major women’s health issue? 2. Why is it important to consider cultural diversity when discussing reproductive rights? 3. Why is female sterilization so prevalent in Latin America? 4. What is female genital mutilation? Where is it practiced? What is it purpose? What health problems does it create? II . Questions from Readings: 1. What are some of the trends regarding women sterilization in Latin America, according to the article on “Women Sterilization in Latin America (presented in class) 2. Explain how reproductive control reflects and determines women’s equality. 3. Discuss China’s “One Child Policy” effects on women.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. How do government population control programs frequently interfere with women’s reproductive choice and health? 5. Explain the differences between biological and social reproduction. 6. Explain the relationship between fertility rates and education. 7. List the reasons given to explain the fertility transition throughout the world. 8. Explain the demographic consequences of China’s One Child Policy. 9. Discuss Singapore family planning policies and its effects on fertility rates and demographics. III. Questions from Film: Missing Women 1. What is the purpose of the film? 2. Why do women practice female infanticide? 3. Why sons are preferred over daughters? 4. What is sex selective abortion? Why do women practice it? 5. What is the role of technology in sex selective abortion? 6. What are the implications of low female birth rates upon society? 7. What is the role of daughters in the societies portrayed in the film?...
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Study Guide for Exam 1, Week4 - 4 How do government...

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