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Gardens East Research - They hire John Costello Surveyor to...

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Gardens East Research The following information is found concerning Gardens East Unit 1. In 1974, Harold Johnson and Tim Wilson, local developers in a partnership Johnson Wilson, Inc., bought a rectangular tract of land in southeast Gainesville described as, "That part of the SW ¼ of the SW ¼ of Section 11, Township 10 South, Range 20 East, Alachua County lying east of SR 329A". The east-west width of this parcel is close to 1320'. Johnson and Wilson plan to develop the entire tract into residential lots by the subdivision platting process. They plan three phases in sequence moving from west to east, Unit 1, Unit 2, and finally Unit 3.
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Unformatted text preview: They hire John Costello, Surveyor, to plat Unit 1. John finds that the county has the south 50 ft of the tract reserved as a future road corridor. Also the county will require Unit 1 to have a retention pond of sufficient size to accommodate the rain runoff. In August, 1976, Costello records the plat of Gardens East Unit 1 after setting 4x4 concrete monument PRM's (Permanent Reference Marks) on the tract boundary, and nail and disc PCP's (Permanent Control Points) at the street intersections and changes of direction. The plat complied with the state plat law of the time....
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