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HW Attend Professional Business Meeting SUR 4430 Surveying and Mapping Practice Homework Background: You are about to enter a profession where groups of professionals "band" together in societies and chapters of societies. You need to see the profession at work to understand how the profession addresses its mission of increasing the stature and trust in the profession. Instructions: 1. Choose a professional business meeting to attend either: (1) a local chapter meeting of surveyors, (2) a state society board of director's meeting, or (3) the "general business session" at a state or national surveying or mapping society meeting. (Do not choose a "seminar", but find a business meeting.) 2. State or national professional societies have national business meetings and they have chapters in various districts: Example chapters of the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society includes: the Central Florida Chapter, North Central Florida Chapter, Florida Crown Chapter, Manasota
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter, Dade County Chapter, Broward Chapter, Palm Beach Chapter, Tampa Bay Society, etc. Find your chosen society's webpage and look for chapters and their contact/meeting information. For example, find the FMSM at www.FSMS.org Other surveying societies can be found from: www.acsm.net , www.lsrp.com and other sites. Photogrammetric and GIS societies: www.asprs.org , www.urisa.org , etc 3. Find the location and time of a business meeting and attend. The door is open for all. Submit: A MS Word *.doc attached as a ELearning upload of about 1 ½ pages. Describe your personal experience. Describe the issues they were discussing. Interpret your ideas of how these issues advance the profession and the public's trust in the profession. Note, you have several weeks to get this done. Check the due date in ELearning, but don't delay....
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