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HW Ethics SUR 4430 Surveying and Mapping Practice Homework Background: With this HW, you will explore the topic of ethics for professional surveyors and mappers. Instructions: 1. Watch the Ethics lecture on the course website. This is a list of "do's and don'ts" that are prevalent in the surveying and mapping community, for the purpose of advancing the public trust in and image of the profession. 2. Also find other codes of ethics (creeds and cannons): The National Society of Professional Surveyors NSPS: www.acsm.net select member organizations, select NSPS, select Surveyor's Creed and Cannons Clary and Associates, a surveying/mapping firm in Jacksonville: www.claryassoc.com pick "about Clary", pick "Ethical Standards". Search Land Surveyor Reference Page LSRP: www.lsrp.com in the search window
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Unformatted text preview: type "code of ethics", review the Maryland Board's Code of Ethics. Any more you can find?? 3. Review and read all these sources of ethics for surveyors. Write a short summary of your thoughts. Title your writing, "My Summary of Surveying Ethics" Compare and contrast the various codes. Give personal observations. 4. Of the 20 ethics situations posted on the website, pick any three (3) and apply the codes to the situations. Write a short summary of the proper thing to do for each case, citing phrases and sections of the above documents in quotes similar to our survey reports, with a list of references used. Submit: Upload one doc in WebCT. It should have four parts: My Summary of Surveying Ethics Case Summary #_ Case Summary # _ Case Summary # _...
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