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HW GLO Research Sec31 32 - than lower numbered pages 5 Once...

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HW GLO Survey Research SUR 4430 Surveying and Mapping Practice Homework Background: You are to research and develop a chronological history of the original GLO survey of Sections 31 and 32, T 9 S, R 23 E, Tall. Meridian. Process: 1. Watch the video on the course website "Finding original GLO Information". 2. Make printouts as needed, or just view the documents over the Internet. 3. Sections 31 and 32 have the following 13 corners set by the GLO: SE Cor Sec. 32 E ¼ Cor Sec 32 NE Cor Sec. 32 S ¼ Cor Sec 32 NE Meander Corner Sec 32 SW Cor Sec32, SE Cor Sec 31 (common to the sections) W ¼ Cor Sec 32/E1/4 Cor Sec 31 NW Cor Sec 32/NE Cor Sec 31 S ¼ Cor Sec 31 SW Cor Sec 31 W ¼ Cor Sec 31 NW Cor Sec 31 N ¼ Cor Sec 31 4. You are to re-arrange these in the chronological order they were set by researching the GLO information available. Presume the original field note pages were written in the same chronological order of the field survey (higher numbered pages were surveyed later
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Unformatted text preview: than lower numbered pages). 5. Once you've determined the proper order, for each corner develop the following information: Deputy Surveyor's Name: Field Survey Year: Object set for the original corner: List of witnesses taken for the corner along with general direction to witness: Date of the official Township Plat(s) showing the corner: Example: Corner: SE Cor Sec. 32 DS Name: McKay Survey Year: 1849 Object set: wood post Witnesses and general direction: Pine NE, Pine NW, Pine SW, Pine SE Plat Date: 1850 (T 10 S, R 23 E) and 1853 (T 9 S, R 23 E) Submit: One *.doc uploaded in WebCT with the following content: A. Introduction statement of the research background and methods. B. Your re-arranged list of corners in chronological order top down, earliest first. C. Your corner data with the above five components. D. A summary of your research results.successes, difficulties, overall observations, etc....
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HW GLO Research Sec31 32 - than lower numbered pages 5 Once...

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