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HW5 MTS Checklist and Survey Review SUR 4430 Surveying and Mapping Practice Homework Background: You are to review MTS and construct a "check list" then apply your check list to the scanned survey(s) attached to this HW. Instructions: 1. Access the Florida MTS from: http://www.800helpfla.com/psm/ 2. Navigate this site to MTS, use their posted check list or make you own. 3. Printout the attached scanned survey(s), or review and magnify at your computer. 4. Apply your checklist to perform a MTS Review of the attached survey(s). Construct a list of violations. Submit: One *.doc with (1) your check list (without application to any survey)
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Unformatted text preview: (2) a list of survey's violations for each survey in a form similar to the following example: Survey #1 Violation # MTS Sect. Violated Key MTS Wording Description of violation. 1 6.003(2)(a) north arrow req. no north arrow 2 etc. etc. etc. (3) For each survey, submit a discussion where you simulate being a Board Member. Question – If you were on the Board, would you view these violations as minor? major? cause for discipline? cause for a letter of caution, revoke license? Please fully explain your thoughts and reasoning....
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