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HW Parcel B Warner Road Quote

HW Parcel B Warner Road Quote - Make a paper print of this...

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HW Parcel B Warner Road Quote SUR 4430 Surveying and Mapping Practice Homework Background: The PHONE HAS JUST RUNG!!! The owner of Parcel B wants a professional price quote. You only have a short time to give the quote – before doing the work. (Check the due date and time using your ELearning Assignment tool.) Instructions: 1. Download the "Research.doc" which gives the background for your survey of Parcel B. 2. Download the “Field Sheet.jpg” (rt-click, save target as) The field sheet shows everything that is recovered and visible in the field.
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Unformatted text preview: Make a paper print of this sheet. Make an 8 ½ x 11 paper print of the *.pdf. On your plot settings, be sure to have “none” on the “page scaling” setting. 3. Measure the field sheet with your scale to determine the distances required for a quote. Develop and submit a "price proposal" for the client before doing the work. Submit: Use the ELearning Assignment tool to upload your results. In the upload comment box, upload ONLY your quote to the client. Use the following format: My quote to the client is = ($your quote to the client)...
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