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Sample Proposal - Aero Consultants 4018 SW 10th Ave...

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Aero Consultants 4018 SW 10 th Ave. Gainesville, Florida 32605 Main: (334) 797-2417 Fax: (321) 321-4816 Branch Offices/Locations: Panama City Tampa Miami 4300 Court Dr. 5300 Country Blvd. 2900 Oaks Dr. Panama City, Florida 33920 Tampa, Florida 33609 Miami, Florida Main: (239) 433-1797 Main: (813) 695-1611 Main: (904) 420-1689 Fax: (239) 433-1796 Fax: (813) 695-1527 Fax: (904) 420-6929 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Email:[email protected] Contact: John Smith Contact: Jane Doe Contact: Brad Miller Subcontractors: 3570 4527 SW 16th Avenue, Suite D8 Gainesville, Florida 32605 Main: (352) 372-5689 Fax: (352) 372-5892 Contact: Jack Buck Qualifications: Aero Consultants have been involved in a wide array of projects that allow us to meet the needs of nearly any client. Our company has been around for nearly 30 years. The projects have ranged from aerial route surveys performed in many states to creating digital-ortho rectified aerial images of many cities. These projects have ranged in length from several weeks in most, to well over a couple of years in others. Our images will be produced with both contours and ortho images that will be delivered in suitable digital formats. Each time a projects is completed; Aero Consultants takes pride in assuring quality and accuracy. References: Dothan Planners: City of Opp: Frank’s Engineering:
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4521 Country Estates 4268 Bush Dr. 5962 Willistone Road Dothan, AL 32689 Opp, AL 35698 Panama City, FL 36954 Main: (334)792-2567 Main: (334)798-2159 Main: (850)658-8976 Contact: Joe Summers Contact: Charles Johnson Contact: Fatt Frank Personnel: Ground Control: John Wickman – Party Chief
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