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Jane Doe Professional Surveyor and Mapper Correct Surveys, Inc. 123 North Main Street Gainesville, FL For: Buyer Subject Parcel: "Lot 3, Block 2, Palm Breeze Subdivision" With this report I bring several of my findings to your attention. This firm completed a field survey of the subject parcel on January 15, 2005 and the survey map is delivered with this report. The map shows the parcel's location along with surrounding physical objects and measurements. : Original monuments placed by the platting surveyor of Palm Breeze Subdivision initially defined this parcel. To control the lot's location an original monument must be "(1) called for in the document, (2) identifiable, and (3) undisturbed."(Brown, et al. section 11.20, page 316) . Original monuments were found at the NW and SE lot corners. These meet the above conditions because they are called for on the subdivision plat, are identified as being the type set by the platting surveyor, and are undisturbed as proved by harmony of measurements.
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