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Selection Committee Rating Form (typical of Federal projects) 1. General qualifications of firm? Rating (1-10)___________ (size of firm, years in business, owner’s qualifications, scope of work on other projects) 2. Firm’s history on this type of work? Rating (1-10)____________ (number of similar previous jobs, successes) 3. Technical Plan General Approach Rating (1-10)_____________ (Selection of appropriate technology, and sequencing) Detail Plans Rating (1-10)_____________
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Unformatted text preview: Personnel to be assigned to the work Rating (1-10)_____________ Level of Support for the work Rating (1-10)_____________ (computers, hardware support, software support, transportation) 4. Time Line Rating (1-20)_____________ (list of activities OK, start/stop times appropriate, end date) 5. Cost Method of Cost calculation(reasonable, defensible) Rating (1-10)_____________ Total Cost amount Rating (1-10)_____________ TOTAL POINTS ________/100...
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