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WARNER ROAD - WARNER ROAD in Mahoning County The print you...

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WARNER ROAD, in Mahoning County The print you were furnished represents visible items found in the field in the vicinity of parcel "A" described below. The old R.R spike was found underneath the current layer of asphalt. Your job is to use your scale and protractor as a total station to measure horizontal angles and distances for a field survey. A trip to the Mahoning County courthouse yields the following research information: Background: 1920 the Harvey tract was created under the description: deed book 5, pg 345 "Beginning at a railroad spike at the intersection of the east line of section 25 with the centerline of Warner Road, run north along the section line 900 feet to a 6" by 6" concrete monument; thence west, parallel with said road, 1000 feet to an iron rod; thence south, parallel with said section line, 900 feet to the centerline, thence 1000 feet along the centerline to the point of beginning." 1930 parcel A was partitioned from the Harvey tract with this description and sold by Harvey to Clark: "the east 250 feet of the south 500 feet of the Harvey tract." in
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