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R0907 a.s. http://faculty.valencia.cc.fl.us/ashaw INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA GPS # 29 6.6 MODELING WITH PROPORTIONS AND VARIATIONS NAME: Useful Definitions: [ k is a constant.] * Proportion: A statement that two ratios are equal. Example: 4 3 2 = x * kx y = : y varies directly as x . Example: 3 4 3 V r ! = (volume of a sphere) * x k y = : y varies inversely as x . Example: d r t = (speed of a vehicle) * y kxz = : y varies jointly as x and z . Example: I prt = (simple interest of an investment) 1. Find the missing number in the proportion. a) 5 7 10 = x b) 3 4 2 = k c) 16 4 3 x = d) 45 30 30 = y 2. The voltage in a simple electrical circuit is directly proportional to the resistance. If the voltage is 5 volts when the resistance is 15 ohms, find the voltage when the resistance is 24
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Unformatted text preview: ohms. 3. Body mass index, or BMI, is used by physicians to access a person’s level of fatness. A BMI from 19 through 25 is considered desirable. BMI varies directly as an individual’s weight in pounds and inversely as the square of the individual’s height in inches. A person who weights 120 lbs and is 60 in. tall has a BMI of 20. (Source: Washington Post.) Find the BMI of a person who weights 150 lb with a height of 60 in. 4. As simple interest varies jointly as principal and time, if your investment of $1,000, left in a mutual fund for 2 years, earned you an interest of $200. How much interest would you expect to earn in 10 years?...
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