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SPN1000 online version-fall 05 - Valencia Community College...

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Valencia Community College SPN 1000 Basic Spanish Osceola Campus Professor: Terry Allcorn, Ph.D. Telephone: 407.569.1326 – Office Telephone at Florida Christian College Email: [email protected] I. Course Description and Credits Students are introduced to basic grammar and vocabulary in order to develop elementary listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through a conversational approach. 3 Credits II. Required Materials Blanco et. al., Panorama, Vista Higher Learning (Textbook and accompanying materials) III. Helpful Web Sites http://faculty.valencia.cc.fl.us/tallcorn/ - class handouts and test reviews www.studyspanish.com - many free tutorials and helpful materials www.vistasonline.com/panorama/students/index.php - website for the text IV. Institutional Core Competencies Value Distinguish among personal, ethical, aesthetic, cultural, and scientific values evaluate your own and others’ values from individual, cultural, and global perspectives Think Analyze data, ideas, patterns, principles, and perspectives employ the facts, formulas, and procedures of the discipline Communicate Identify your own strengths and need for improvement as communicator employ methods of communication appropriate to your audience and purpose evaluate the effectiveness of your own and others’ communication Act Apply disciplinary knowledge, skills, and values to educational and career goals act effectively and appropriately in various personal and professional settings respond appropriately to changing circumstances
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SPN1000 – Basic Spanish 2 Valencia Community College V. Measurable Course Objectives The student who successfully completes the course: 1. Knows college level Spanish Grammar issues By demonstrating, among other skills, the correct use of the following first Semester Spanish Grammar issues: Nouns, pronouns, and Articles Present Tense Verb Conjugations Forming Questions Gender and Number agreement Possessive and Descriptive Adjectives Present Progressive Direct Object Nouns and Pronouns The student's level of proficiency in this area will be measured via the electronic workbook assignments, and the chapter tests. 2. Understands spoken Spanish The student's level of proficiency in this area will be measured via the acceptable completion of the oral lab assignments in the electronic workbook, the oral portion of the tests, and participation in classroom discussions. 3. Demonstrates knowledge of Latin American history and culture The student's level of proficiency in this area will be measured via participation in classroom discussions and the successful completion of the Spanish presentation assignment. VI. Support Systems Language learning can be difficult and even frustrating. I want to help you succeed. If you should experience difficulty with your Spanish study, there is a three- step process that I would suggest. 1. First of all, you should be sure that you have studied everything that your text
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SPN1000 online version-fall 05 - Valencia Community College...

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