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Test 1 review - verb ser(10 x 1 pt each = 10 pts<6> La...

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Valencia Community College SPN1000 – Basic Spanish Terry Allcorn, Ph.D. – Instructor Test 1 Review <1> Escuchar Read the following statements. Then listen to the message that Jaime left on his colleague Marisa’s answering machine and indicate whether each statement is cierto or falso . (5 x 2 pts. each = 10 pts.) <2> Vocabulario Write the letter of the item in column B that is the most logical match for each item in column A. (5 x 2 pts. each = 10 pts.) <3> Más vocabulario Complete each sentence with an appropriate Spanish word from the word bank. Each word will be used once. (10 x 1 pt. each = 10 pts.) <4> Nombres y artículos If the word and article are singular, make them plural. If they are plural, make them singular. (10 x 1 pt. each = 10 pts.) <5> Conjugación del verbo ser Fill in the blanks with the appropriate present tense forms of the
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Unformatted text preview: verb ser . (10 x 1 pt. each = 10 pts.) <6> La hora Write these times in complete Spanish sentences. (5 x 2 pts. each = 10 pts.) <7> Los números Write the numbers in these math problems and their solutions in Spanish. Be sure to use the correct formula. (5 x 2 pts. each = 10 pts.) EX: Uno más uno son dos <8> Preguntas Answer these questions in complete sentences. (5 x 2 pts. each = 10 pts.) <9> Saludos Write a conversation of at least ten sentences in which two people do the following: introduce themselves, ask each other how they are doing, ask each other where they are from, mention what time it is, and say goodbye. Use vocabulary and grammar you learned in this lesson. (20 pts.) Incorrect _____ Marks _____ Grade _____...
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