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Valencia Community College SPN1000 – Basic Spanish Terry Allcorn, Ph.D. – Instructor Test 2 Review <1>Escuchar Read the following statements. Then listen as Professor Sánchez addresses his students at the beginning of the first day of classes and indicate whether each statement is cierto or falso. (5 x 2 pts. each = 10 pts.) <2> Vocabulario Complete each sentence with an appropriate Spanish word from the word bank. Each word will be used once. (10 x 1 pt. each = 10 pts.) <3>Números Answer these questions in complete sentences, using the numbers in parentheses and providing Spanish words for the numbers. (5 x 2 pts. each = 10 pts.) <4>Conjugación de los verbos en –ar Circle the verb in parentheses best completes each sentence. Then fill in the blank with the appropriate present tense form of the verb. (10 x 2 pts. each = 20 pts.)
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Unformatted text preview: EX: Yo _________(hablar, comprar) español. <5>Una conversación Mireya and Chela are talking about their classes. Complete their conversation with the appropriate questions. (5 x 2 pts. each = 10 pts.) <6>Verbos en contexto Fill in each blank with the present tense of the appropriate Spanish verb. (10 x 2 pts. each = 20 pts.) <7>Preguntas Answer these questions in complete sentences. (5 x 2 pts. each = 10 pts.) <8>Tus clases Write a paragraph of at least five sentences in which you mention the following: the classes you are taking, at what times they are, who teaches them, if you like the classes, and how many students are in them. Use vocabulary and grammar you learned in this lesson. (10 pts.)...
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