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Test 4 review - yo form(10 x 2 pts each = 20 pts<5>...

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Valencia Community College SPN1000 – Basic Spanish Terry Allcorn, Ph.D. – Instructor Test 4 Review <1> Escuchar Read the following statements and multiple choice options. Then listen to the advertisement for Club Excursionista Valcárcel and circle the option that best completes each sentence. (5 x 2 pts. each = 10 pts.) <2> Vocabulario Complete each sentence with an appropriate Spanish word from the word bank. (10 x 2 pt. each = 20 pts.) <3> Ir + a + infinitivo Rewrite each sentence, changing the verb in the present tense to the near future. (5 x 2 pts. each = 10 pts.) <4> Verbos Fill in each blank with the present tense of the appropriate Spanish stem-changing verb, irregular verb, or verb with an irregular
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Unformatted text preview: yo form. (10 x 2 pts. each = 20 pts.) <5> Frases Write complete, logical sentences using the verb provided and your own ideas. (5 x 2 pts. each = 10 pts.) <6> Preguntas Answer these questions in complete sentences. (5 x 2 pts. each = 10 pts.) <7> Tu tiempo libre Write a paragraph of five sentences in which you talk about how you usually spend your free time and how you are going to spend it tomorrow. Use vocabulary and grammar you have learned in this lesson. (10 pts.) <8> ¿Qué pasa? Look at the video stills and write 5 sentences that describe what is taking place. Use the information you remember from the chapter. (5 x 2 pts. each = 10)...
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