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1 Psychological Aspects of Medical Illness Carol Griffin, ARNP Med-Psych Factors – Coping behaviors – Support systems – Nature of illness •Acute •Chron ic • Terminal Common Psychological Symptoms Anger Depression Anxiety
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2 Psychological Assessment Emotional reaction Stress appraisal Sx of depression Coping Substance use/abuse Stages –Den ia l – Anger –Ba rga in ing –Dep re s s
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Unformatted text preview: Sleep patterns Pharmacological Nursing Diagnoses Ineffective denial Body image disturbance Impaired adjustment Ineffective individual coping Self-care deficit Situational low self esteem Anxiety 3 Empowering Strategies Increase client control Empathetic listening Recommend counseling prn Assist with stress management Reinforce positive coping behaviors Promote comfort and healing Utilize spiritual resources...
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MHMedPsychStudentVersion - Sleep patterns Pharmacological...

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