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Preparation for Laboratory Practical Midterm Please see your Lab Manual, Exercises 1-5, and the corresponding Photographic Atlas pages. Be sure to review the Lab Questions following each exercise. 1) Safety Considerations a) Reducing Contamination – Procedure for handling a microbial spill b) Contaminated Lab Material – Biohazardous Waste Disposal Procedure c) Antiseptic vs. Disinfectant d) “Sharps” container 2) Procedures - Aseptic Technique; Nosocomial Infections 3) Equipment a) Small - inoculating loop; Bunsen burner; pipettes; Petri dish; cotton swabs; culture tubes; flask, beaker, graduated cylinders – read the meniscus b) Large - Colony counter; Electronic digital balance – Tare ; Incubators – 25C; 37C Autoclave – Temperature: 121 C ; Pressure: 15 psi ; Time: Varies; Endospores 4) Media a) To prepare: Calculation 1. Read the recipe. 25 grams/liter 2. Convert the total volume needed to milliliters. 25 grams/1000 mL 3. 150 mL needed - Make a ratio and solve for the unknown. 25
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