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LAB QUIZZES - Lab quizzes will be given at the beginning of lab; no late quizzes are administered. Credit is awarded only if participation in the lab is completed. Five short answer questions will be asked each week totaling 10 points per quiz. 1. Lab Quiz #1 – Preparation for Exercise 2; Submit pp 13-16 Lab Manual * Disinfectant – used on surfaces/Antiseptic – used on tissues * Purpose of the “Sharps” container - disposal of needles * Spills Procedure listed on page 3, #9 lab manual * Aseptic Technique – Without Germs * Nosocomial – Hospital-acquired * Autoclave – Temperature 121C; Pressure 15 psi; Temperature, not pressure, destroys endospores * Media: STA, TSA, and TSB – pp.119-120 lab manual: Know the abbreviation and name; purpose; category (no abbreviations permitted - see legend for category abbreviation key); inoculation 2. Lab Quiz #2 – Preparation for Exercise 3 * Media TSB and TSA – p.120, TGB – p.119: Name, abbreviation, purpose, category (no abbreviations permitted), inoculation * Microbes – pp.121-122. You will be given characteristics of these and need to be able to use proper protocol in writing the full Genus species name of the microorganism. Abbreviations are not acceptable. Clostridium sporogenes, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Serratia marcescens, Staphylococcus aureus: MRSA = M ethicillin- R esistant S taphylococcus a ureus ; VRSA = V ancomycin- R esistant S . a ureus 3. Lab Quiz #3 – Preparation for Exercise 4; Submit p 42 Lab Manual * What is the difference between a basic and an acidic stain ? How does each work? * Staining Procedure when using the basic stains, crystal violet and safranin. To prepare a bacterial smear from bacteria growing on a slant: drop of water, add organism, smear to a quarter, air-dry, heat-fix, stain for 1 minute, and rinse with water. Note: If the bacteria are growing in a broth, no water would be used in the first step. * Negative Staining
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Lab_Quizzes - LAB QUIZZES - Lab quizzes will be given at...

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