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Microbiology Laboratory Week #1 General Information 1. Scavenger Hunt-location of equipment in lab and prep room 2. Basic Lab Safety review - page 3 3. Lab table prep/final clean up Exercise 2-1 Ubiquity of Microbes 1. Review technique for labeling plates 2. Review collection procedure for pages 1-6 3. Label and perform collection for plates 1-6, label plates 7,8. 4. Incubate plates 1,2,8 @ 25
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Unformatted text preview: o C and plates 3-7 @37 o C. Exercise 3-1 Introduction to the Light Microscope 1. Review parts and function of the light microscope 2. Review proper care and use of the microscope 3. View triple threads and letter “e” under the microscope 4. Observe various organisms found on slide trays and be able to recognize each one....
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