mcb2010c_homework2 - MCB 2010C Homework # 2...

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Unformatted text preview: MCB 2010C Homework # 2 Name______________________ 25 points Due_____ VCC Johnsen 1. What is the meaning of biogenesis? What theory was challenged by biogenesis? Who resolved the issue? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 2. A.What is the total power of magnification of your image if you are using a 100X objective lens? B.What must always be used in conjunction with viewing through this objective lens? 3. Before microorganisms are viewed through the microscope, they must be fixed. What does this mean and what does this do to the bacteria? 4. _____________________ microscopy is used to visualize internal structures of living organisms. It is not necessary to __________ or ___________ the organism. 5. The electron microscope can view specimens in two manners: the _____________examines the three dimensional structure whereas the ______________allows us to see detailed internal structure. In both cases, the specimen must be ____________ and _________________ to visualize it. 6. The best microscope to use to study the surface structures of intact cells and viruses would be the _____________________. TRUE OR FALSE : Organisms viewed through EM are dead....
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mcb2010c_homework2 - MCB 2010C Homework # 2...

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