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Microbiology Homework #4 Name ________________________ 25 points- due ____________ Johnsen VCC Prokaryotic Cell Anatomy (Chapter 4) (One point each unless otherwise stated) 1. Draw and name the shape and arrangement of each bacterium listed as you would see it under a microscope . (2 points) Note: This is not asking for the genus and species of the organism. a. the bacterium that causes anthrax b. the bacterium that causes gonorrhea c. the bacterium that is responsible for TSS (toxic shock syndrome) d. the bacterium that causes cholera 2. Name the 2 monosaccharides in peptidoglycan. Use full names not acronyms. 3. The antibiotic penicillin kills bacteria by inhibiting the formation of peptidoglycan. a. Specifically , how does it do this? b. Is penicillin is most often used to treat infections caused by gram +, gram – or both types of bacteria? c. Exactly why doesn’t penicillin destroy your cells? 4. How do fimbriae play a role in gonorrhea infections and what happens if you get an infection caused by mutant Neisseria gonorrhoeae that have no fimbriae? 5. Streptococcus mutans , an important contributor to dental caries, attaches to the tooth enamel by using what bacterial cell structure?
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6. The antibiotic amphothericin B makes cell membranes leaky by combining with sterols in the cell membrane. Amphothericin B affects all of the following cells, EXCEPT : a. human body cells b. E. coli c. yeast cells d. mycoplasma cells e. plant cells
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mcb2010c_homework4 - Microbiology Homework #4 25 points-...

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