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Microbiology Homework #5 Name ________________________ 25 points- due ______________ Section ____________ Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cell Comparisons (Chapter 4 and notes) and Infectious Agents (One point each unless otherwise stated) 1. Match the following characteristics of eukaryotic cell organelles with their functions (each blank has one correct match): (2 points) _______Rough Endoplasmic reticulum a) organelles used for storage b) organelles used to decompose hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) _______Smooth Endoplasmic reticulum c) organelles (not membrane bound) where proteins are synthesized from amino acids _______Mitochondria d) organelles where ATP is synthesized e) organelle that makes vesicles to discharge _______Lysosomes contents outside the cell and fuses with the cell membrane _______Ribosomes f) organelle covered by ribosomes used to synthesize proteins to be secreted by the cell _______Vacuoles g) organelles where photosynthesis takes place _______Chloroplasts h) organelles containing digestive enzymes to break down molecules ingested _______Golgi Complex (apparatus or bodies) by phagocytosis i) organelle that detoxifies drugs, which synthesizes lipids and helps release glucose from liver cells 2. Draw cilia on a cell: 3. Compare and contrast (give a similarity and a difference) how molecules are transported across a cell membrane by active transport and facilitated diffusion.
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4. A. The antibiotic erythromycin binds to the 50S portion of a ribosome to kill bacterial cells. Why aren’t your cells usually killed by erythromycin?
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mcb2010c_homework5 - Microbiology Homework #5 25 points-...

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