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Name ________________________ 25 points- due _____________ VCC Johnsen- Section ___________ CHAPTER 7- Control of Microbial Growth; Pathogens (One point per number unless otherwise stated) 1. Ethylene oxide is a common gaseous sterilizing agent. Give ONE positive and ONE negative aspect of using sterilizing gases like ethylene oxide. 2. Why is each of the following bacteria often resistant to disinfectants a) Pseudomonas b) Bacillus 3. Explain whether soap is a better antiseptic or sanitizing (degerming) agent and describe how soap works. 4. Halogen compounds such as chlorine and iodine are very useful antimicrobial agents. A. When the quality of drinking water is questionable, how can you use household bleach to provide the rough equivalent of municipal water chlorination? B. Betadine is a common commercial iodophore. Name 2 reasons why iodophores are preferred over pure strength iodine. 5. A. Hexachlorophene is a bisphenol disinfectant. How can it be both useful and harmful in caring for infants? B. There is a movement trying to reduce the use of chemicals like Triclosan in commercial products such as cutting boards and kitchen utensils. Why? 6. Ultraviolet lamps are commonly found in hospital rooms, nurseries, operating rooms and cafeterias. What are two drawbacks when using ultraviolet radiation to destroy bacteria?
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mcb2010c_homework7 - Microbiology Homework #7 25 points-...

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