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Microbiology Homework #9 Name ________________________ 25 points- due ____________ VCC____________ CHAPTERS 8 AND 9 and Pathogens (Each number is worth one point) 1. A. Specifically, how does ultraviolet radiation cause mutations? B. Which DNA sequence is the best target for damage by UV radiation? Hint: What does UV do to DNA? a) AGGCCA b) CTTTGA c) GUAAAU 2. Describe how the following techniques are used to insert foreign DNA into cells: A. Transformation: B. Gene guns: C. Microinjection: D. Electroporation: 3. A. The goal of the Human Genome Project was to map the ________ thousand genes in human DNA and to sequence the entire genome, approximately ___ billion nucleotide pairs (this second part is now done). The final step was to map all the proteins made in human cells. B. Name 2 vaccines we produce with genetically engineered microbes. (Insulin and interferon are NOT vaccines) 4. Match the following: a. _____ Frameshift mutation 1. results in a STOP codon being produced b. _____ Missense mutation 2. results in no change in the amino acid coded for in a polypeptide c. _____ Nonsense mutation 3. results in a different amino acid being placed in a polypeptide d. _____ Neutral mutation 4. results from a deletion or addition of a nitrogenous base in a gene sequence
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5. Why can transcription and translation occur simultaneously in prokaryotes but not in eukaryotes? 6. A. What does it mean when we say the genetic code is DEGENERATE? B.
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mcb2010c_homework9 - Microbiology Homework #9 25 points-...

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