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Microbiology On-line Assignment Name ________________________ (Due when you take the final lab practical) T Johnsen/Section ____________ A. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) MMWR Procedure: - type in the web address to access the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website - click on MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report) - click on Weekly Report and then on Current Volume - you want to investigate the MMWR for the week you are doing this report, so click on the line that says “Notifiable Disease/Deaths in Selected Cities Weekly Information” - go to Table II and fill in the following blanks with the week you are using. Provisional cases of selective notifiable diseases, United States, weeks ending _____________________________________________________________ (_________ week) (FILL IN THE BLANKS with the week you are using) - Use the tables to answer the following questions: 1. How many cases of gonorrhea were reported in the state of Florida for the year 2008? 2.
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mcb2010c_online_assignment - Microbiology On-line...

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