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UNIT IV Review Define the following terms: Lichens Legumes Transcription Translation Point Mutations : Nonsense, missense and neutral Frameshift mutation R plasmid F plasmid Hfr Watson and Crick UV radiation damage of DNA Semiconservative replication Salk v Sabin vaccination Conjugation Transformation Transduction Mutation Auxotroph Oligotrophic v eutrophic lake B.O.D v D.O. Coliform test Ames test Eukaryotic v prokaryotic DNA
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Unformatted text preview: cDNA Reverse Transcriptase Transgenic organism Bioremediation Potable water Nucleotide Competent Restriction enzymes Role of DNA polymerase Role of RNA polymerase Antiparallel Introns Exons Be able to use codons, anticodons or DNA code to figure out the other two KNOW the specific characteristics/symptoms of water borne pathogens...
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