Unit three review for MCBtest

Unit three review for MCBtest - Facultative v obligate...

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Unit three review for test For essay type questions: Study types of media and what they are used for Know how aerobic cell respiration works in bacteria and eukaryotic cells, where it occurs in the cell and how much ATP is generated by each Know how to calculate the number of bacteria that will grow Know ways in which nosocomial infections can be reduced Vocabulary to emphasize for objective portions of exam All of the trophs _ chemo, photo, auto, hetero Fermentaion v respiration Temperatures - optimal, minimal Psychro, meso, thermophile
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Unformatted text preview: Facultative v obligate CHNOPS Synthetic v complex media pH acido- neutro, alkalo catalase v peroxidase selective v differential media fastidious growth in a closed system antiseptic v disinfectant bacteriocidal v bacteriostatic sterilization methods HEPA filters UV radiation Electron beam radiation Salmonella, E coli HO:157 Phenol Halogens Heavy metals Glutaraldehyde and formaldehyde Selective toxicity How antibiotics work How to administer antibiotics- per os, parental, IV Broad spectrum antibiotics...
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Unit three review for MCBtest - Facultative v obligate...

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