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1.4 Estimating Purchases

1.4 Estimating Purchases - Step 2 Add them all together in...

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Outside the Classroom Estimating Purchases Wanda brought her items up to the counter. Her first item cost $14.99. Her second item cost $23.25. Finally, her last items were two for $10 (she bought two). The cashier rang up the items and said, Your total after tax is $62.03. Is this amount reasonable for the items Wanda is purchasing? Step 1: Round each item to the nearest dollar.
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Unformatted text preview: Step 2: Add them all together in your head. Step 3: Considering that the tax rate of 6.5% will make the items a little bit more expensive than your estimate, is $62.03 a reasonable amount to pay? Is the cashier right, or did she make a mistake? (Hint: At a 6.5% tax rate, the amount of tax on an item that costs $100 would be $6.50)...
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