DM2SG Quiz 2011-08-11-A

DM2SG Quiz 2011-08-11-A - Developmental Mathematics II...

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Developmental Mathematics II Success Guide Take - Home Quiz Name___________________________________ Complete this quiz by yourself; you are not permitted to receive help or answers from your classmates. You must get all questions right to complete this special assignment, which is required for passing this class. You will have multiple attempts to do so. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) (See p. 14) What is the third letter of your professor's last name? A) lowercase r B) UPPERCASE R C) UPPERCASE C D) lowercase c 1) 2) (See p. 14) If you need your professor to answer a question quickly, you should: A) Send an email B) Send a text C) Send a text or call on the phone D) Call on the phone 2) 3) (See p. 14) Where should you meet your professor to visit him during his office hours? A) His office B) The gym C) The SPA D) The cafeteria 3) 4) (See p. 17) Each of the following is a required material for this class, EXCEPT: A) Pencils B) A red MyMathLab student access kit C) Notebook paper D) The textbook 4) 5) (See p. 18) At a minimum, you are expected to check your Atlas email _____________, but preferably ___________. A) once a week; on Mondays and Wednesdays B) twice a week; daily C) twice a day; every hour D) when your professor tells you to; once a week 5) 6) (See p. 19) Homework for this class will be done on a computer, using software called MyMathLab. To access the homework, you must first register ___________________. A) at B) at C) in the Registrar's Office D) to vote 6) 7) (See pp. 21 - 22) If you realize that you need help in this class, you should get it right away. The Developmental Math II Success Guide says you can get help from each of the following, EXCEPT: A) A tutor B) The SPA C) Your fellow students D) Your professor 7) 8) (See p. 22) In this class, you'll spend about three (3) hours in class/lab each week.
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This note was uploaded on 10/18/2011 for the course MAT 0028 taught by Professor Darrenlacoste during the Fall '11 term at Valencia.

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DM2SG Quiz 2011-08-11-A - Developmental Mathematics II...

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