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Pillars of Success Session Agenda

Pillars of Success Session Agenda - Developmental...

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Developmental Mathematics II : Pillars of Success Agenda 1. Welcome a. Purpose: Share ideas, both evolutionary and (perhaps) revolutionary, regarding teaching Developmental Math II, and perhaps even a few other classes. b. Objective: To make this session as paperless as possible by using Internet-based documents accessed via one or more computers. c. Caveat: I am not an expert. In fact, I am a relative novice, having only taught for just over one year. Still, good ideas can come from anyone, and I hope we ll share these with each other during the session. 2. Success Guide a. Purpose: A document that contains the traditional elements of a syllabus, assignments list, schedule, as well as lecture notes. b. Location: On my faculty Web site. I would be happy to email the source file. 3. Evolutionary and (Perhaps) Revolutionary Elements a. Pass the State Test and Earn an A (90+%), B (80+%), or C (70+%) (See p. 29) b. Office Hours (Study Skills) Assignments (pp. 44-57) i. Students who interact with their instructors outside of the classroom/lab enjoy greater success. ii.
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