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SimilarTriangleProblems - Using the right triangles...

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Unformatted text preview: Using the right triangles given on the back of this page to solve the following problems. In each case draw a sketch and label the sketch showing what you want to find and what is given. Problem 1. A man stands 100 feet from the base of a Redwood tree. He sights the top of the tree and measures the angle of elevation to be 70˚. How tall is the tree? Problem 2. A boat starts at a boat dock and travels 7 miles from the dock along an angle that is 30˚ north of the due East direction. How far east of the dock will the boat be? How far north of the dock will the boat be? Problem 3 A ladder that is 15 feet long is leaning against a wall making an angle of 60˚ with the ground. How high up the wall will the ladder reach? Lengths of Sides of Right Triangles for selected angles. 10 10˚ A C B C 10 1.74 3.42 B 20˚ A 9.85 9.4 C C 10 10 6.43 5 B 30˚ A 40˚ A 8.66 B 7.66 C C 10 10 7.66 10A 50˚ 8.66 B 8.66 6.43 A B 60˚ 5 C C 60˚ 5 10 A 9.4 10 9.85 70˚ B 3.42 A 80˚ B 1.74 ...
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