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MAP 2302 Review Exam 1 Differential Equations Analytic Methods : 1. Solve separable differential equations with or without initial conditions. 2. Solve linear differential equations with or without initial conditions. 3. Solve applications involving separable or linear DE's. 4. Write a DE to model an application. Qualitative Methods: 1. Describe asymptotic behavior of a solution. 2. Find equilibrium solutions, intervals of increasing and intervals of decreasing for autonomous DE's. 3. Draw a phase line diagram and identify nodes, sources, sinks, given the DE or a graph of dy/dt
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Unformatted text preview: vs y 4. Given a phase line diagram, draw solution graphs for various initial conditions 5. Draw solutions on a given slope field. Euler's Method 1. Show your work in generating a few steps in Euler's Method by hand. 2. Generate several steps in Euler' s Method using your calculator. Suggested Review Problems: Chapter 1 Review 11,15,21ab,27*,33(29) pg 30 # 25 (pg 32 27) Chapter Review 2 1,5(3),8(6)9(,7),11(9),15(13),19(17),24(22) pg 89 3,13,,21,23, 25, (pg 98 3,13,19,21,23) Problems in parentheses are in the 8 th edition. Problems with an * are not in the 8 th edition....
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