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DE Review Exam 3 I. Definition and properties of Laplace transforms A) Use the integral definition of the Laplace transform. B) Apply properties in the "short" table to find transforms. II. Given a "new" Laplace transform formula, apply the formula to find the Laplace of f(t). For example use #23 to find L{tcos(2t)} III. Find inverse transforms using the "short" table. IV. Piecewise functions
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Unformatted text preview: A) Write piecewise functions using step functions,U(t-a). B) Find the transform of piecewise functions. C) Find an inverse transform resulting in a piecewise function. D) Graph a function given in terms of unit step functions. V. Solve DE's using Laplace transforms pg 300(pg 324 in the 8 th edition) 1,7-10,12-21,25- 29 ,31,33,35,36,42...
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