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Using the Finance Menu. On the TI-83 the Finance menu is accessed by as 2 nd x -1 key and on the TI-83 Plus you access it with APPS key. On both calculators you get the screen below by choosing TVM Solver. The way you use the solver is to fill in the values of all quantities given. Then move the cursor to the line corresponding to the quantity you want to know and press ALPHA ENTER to solve for the unknown quantity. total number of times you make a payment or a depsit interest rate Present value
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Unformatted text preview: payment or deposit Future value number of payments per year number of compoundings per year Below are two examples from the book. One is a savings problem and one is loan problem. Compare the answers with what the book gives. Example 1 page 156. Press ALPHA ENTER get Example 1 page 165 Press ALPHA ENTER get Notice that for saving the present value is 0 (start the account with nothing) and for loan the future value is 0. (When loan is paid off you owe nothing.)...
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