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FarmPopRegress - C Find the regression equation for the...

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Regression Exercise The table lists the number of people living on American farms (in millions of people) for years from 1935 to 1980. Year Farm Pop 1935 32.1 1940 30.5 1945 24.4 1950 23.0 1955 19.1 1960 15.6 1965 12.4 1970 9.7 1975 8.9 1980 7.2 A) Make a scatter diagram (on graph paper) for the data. Use 35 for 1935, 40 for 1940, etc. Plot the year on the x-axis and the farm population on the y-axis. B) Describe the direction, form , and strength of the relationship.
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Unformatted text preview: C) Find the regression equation for the data. Plot this on the scatterplot show the coordinates of the points you use. D) Use the regression equation to predict the farm population in 1980. Calculate the residual for that year. E) What is the slope of your line? What does the slope mean in the context of this problem (in terms of farm population and years) ?. F) What does the line predict for the farm population in year 2000 ? Is this reasonable?...
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