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ReadQuestChapt13 (1) - factor. 4. List the four principles...

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STA 2023 Reading Questions Chapter 13 Name_______________________ Statistics Read Chapter 13 and answer the question below. Turn this in at the beginning of the class next week. This will count 10 points on the project (hand-in) part of your grade. 1. Based on pages 292 to 295 describe the basic difference between an observational study and an experiment. 2. An ___________________ (choose: observational study or experiment) can be used to show a cause and effect relationship. 3. Use the list of terms to fill in the blanks in the sentences below. factor level response treatment variable In an experiment the researcher assigns some _______________ to the subjects and then measures the _______________ variable to determine the effect. The specific values that an experimenter chooses for the factor are called the ___________ of the
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Unformatted text preview: factor. 4. List the four principles of an experiment and write a sentence or two describing each one. 5. In the example on page 297-299 what are the treatments? What is the response variable? 6. If the differences in the response variable between treatments are larger than would be expected by chance we say that the differences are ______________________. 7. The term blinding is described on page 301-302. Give an example of blinding and tell whether your example is single or double blinded? 8. When a group of subjects is given a treatment that has no effect the group is called the ______________ group, and the fake treatment the group is given is called a ______________....
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ReadQuestChapt13 (1) - factor. 4. List the four principles...

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