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Review Exercises Before doing calculations: A) Identify problem type: mean or proportion? one population or two ? Conf. Int or Hyp. test? B) Write a sentence defining the parameter (no numbers;not sample) C) Write the formula for the SD (or SE ) of the sample estimate. 1. Fritos . As a project for an introductory statistics course, students checked 6 bags of Fritos marked with a net weight of 35.4 grams. They carefully weighed the contents of each bag, recording the following weights (in grams):35.5, 35.3, 35.1, 35.4, 35.5. a) Define the population parameter in this context. b) Do these data satisfy the assumptions for inference? Explain. c) Make a 95% confidence interval and write a sentence interpreting it. d) What would you conclude about the stated net weight? 2. Teach for America . Several programs attempt to address the shortage of qualified teachers by placing uncertified instructors in schools with acute needs—often inner cities. A 1999–2000 study compared students taught by certified teachers with others taught by under
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RevExerciseTest3F05 - Review Exercises Before doing...

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