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C3Rev3 - point masses(given the definitions Review Problems...

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Review for Exam 3 There will be a short non calculator part of the test. On the other part of the test most problems will just ask for the set-up of the integrals. I. Double integrals A. Set-up and evaluate integrals using 1) rectangular coordinates (dA = dxdy) 2) polar coordinates (dA = rdrd θ ) B. Reverse order of integration in rect. coord. C. Approximate a double integral using a Riemann sum. II. Triple integrals A. Set-up and evaluate integrals using 1) rectangular coordinates (dV = dxdydz) 2) cylindrical coordinates (dV = rdzdrd θ ) 3) spherical coordinates (dV = ρ 2 sin( φ )d ρ d φ d θ ) III. Applications 1) volume of solids 2) mass of plane region and of solids 3) center of mass and moment of inertia of plane region and of solids and
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Unformatted text preview: point masses(given the definitions) Review Problems for Test 3: Chapter 16 review page 871 2,3,4,5, 7, 11,12,15, 21abc, 51, 57,63 Section 16.2 17,37,43 section 16.3 61 Section 16.4 23,35 16.5 47 Extra Problems: 1. In the sketch the right the density in grams per cm 2 is given at the midpoint of the rectangles. Approximate the mass of the entire rectangle and the x-coordinate of the center of mass. 2 3 8 7 8 12 2. Suppose the point P has spherical coordinates ρ = 10, φ = 1 radian, θ = .2 radians. How far is the point from the z-axis? from the xy plane? 3. Describe the positive y axis with spherical coordinates....
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