Intro Syllabus Fall 2007 face to face

Intro Syllabus Fall 2007 face to face - Fall 2007 VALENCIA...

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Fall 2007 VALENCIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE Introduction to Humanities HUM 1020 - CRN 14720 Instructor: Professor Sheila Levi-Aland Web page: & E-mail: [email protected] Office & Office Hours: Adjunct Office Room 126, Tuesdays from 4:45pm to 5 pm or by appointment. Location: Winter Park Campus Room 143 Tuesdays 7:00pm to 9:45pm COURSE DESCRIPTION This class is a basic introduction to humanities. It focuses on the central concepts, historical development and fundamental nature of philosophy, architecture, music, religion and art. Concepts from such disciplines will be integrated with contemporary American culture. This is not a Gordon Rule course. However, it is designed to prepare students for meeting the Gordon Rule requirements and therefore will require students to express their thoughts in coherent written form. Grammar, spelling, professionalism, etc will be a part of each written assignment grade, though the standard for an intro class is not as high as in a Gordon Rule class. COURSE OUTCOMES AND CORE COMPETENCIES My goal with this course is for students to have a basic understanding of major events in the culture of humanity through exploration of various time periods, cultures, and concepts. Students should have knowledge of key events that have shaped the course of human development and be able to discuss them intelligently with others. The goal is not to cram information for a test, but for each student to find a part of the humanities that they enjoy discussing and learning about, so that they have a niche to take other classes. This course seeks to reinforce the following Valencia Student Competencies: Think clearly, critically and creatively by analyzing, synthesizing, integrating and evaluating symbolic works and truth claims. Reflect on your own and others’ values from individual, cultural and global perspectives. Communicate by reading, listening, writing and speaking effectively. Act purposefully, reflectively and responsibly by implementing effective problem solving and decision making strategies.
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TEXTBOOKS Philip E. Bishop, Adventures in the Human Spirit , 4 th edition Assorted handouts REQUIREMENTS See the Style Sheet for written requirements. Intellectual honesty – Students are required to submit their own work. You may quote the writings of others to illustrate your own ideas so long as you provide citation information/attribution. You may NOT reproduce material from the Internet and/or any other source and submit it as your own. Students whose work is suspected of plagiarism will have that work returned to them so they can properly cite their sources. If the work is a confirmed case of plagiarism, the assignment will be returned for no credit. Late work
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Intro Syllabus Fall 2007 face to face - Fall 2007 VALENCIA...

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