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art history I syllabus online

art history I syllabus online - Spring 2011 VALENCIA...

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Spring 2011 VALENCIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE Introduction to Art History I ARH 2050 - 23262 Instructor: Professor Sheila Levi-Aland Web page: http://online.valenciacc.edu & http://faculty.valenciacc.edu/slevi/ E-mail: [email protected] Office & Office Hours: by appointment & online (see Course Schedule) COURSE DESCRIPTION Survey of development of visual art forms from prehistory through the Middle Ages. "I don't like to say I have given my life to art. I prefer to say art has given me my life." ~ Frank Stella ~ COURSE OUTCOMES AND CORE COMPETENCIES My goal for this course is for each student to develop the skills listed below. Through the various lectures, discussions, and class projects you will have an increased understanding of the art from the Prehistory to the Medieval period. This course should also enable a student to go to most museums or art exhibits and feel comfortable discussing the art in an intelligent and knowledgeable manner, not just cram information for a test. 1) Use critical thinking skills in course assignments 2) Use art terms correctly and with understanding of the materials used to create different pieces of art 3) Use original thinking in interacting with the course material 4) Use collaboration/group work as part of the learning experience 5) Use research skills to uncover in-depth aspects and meanings of the time periods covered 6) Understanding of the power of art and its effect on human behavior. COURSE OBJECTIVES: Valencia has defined four interrelated core competencies ( Value, Think, Communicate, Act ) that are essential for your success as a citizen of the world community. This humanities course is designed to challenge and support you in achieving specific learning outcomes that tie the humanities to your success and well-being. Interpret significant works of art from pre history to the middle ages. Trace the historical development of an artistic or intellectual element across some part of the time period covered in the scope of this course.
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Integrate the principle artistic, philosophical, and historical elements of a period or phenomenon. Argue a point of view, position, or perspective regarding an issue in the arts. Show sensitivity toward different perspectives and cultures. Participate in the cultural life of the community. Articulate connections between the arts and my life. Collaborate to explore an issue or solve a problem in the arts. Employ effective strategies for learning in the arts. "Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new." ~ Og Mandino ~ TEXTBOOKS Stockstad, Marilyn. Art History . Third Edition. Volume One. New Jersey: Pearson, Prentice Hall, 2004. ISBN 0-13-174320-1 All books are available on the Winter Park Campus, if you purchase them from another campus I cannot guarantee they will be available or the same text.
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art history I syllabus online - Spring 2011 VALENCIA...

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