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Newsletter Seventh Grade Class April, 2002 Since we start to have science we thought that the sun is the main source of energy. All communities depend on the sunlight directly or indirectly to get food. However in Mrs. Fadia’s Class we learned that life can exits also in complete absence of light! How is this? Let me explain to you. Very deep in the ocean floor where no light can reach , life flourishes. There is a special type of bacteria that can uses hydrogen sulfide found in that environ- ment together with the carbon dioxide to produce sugar. The environment there is very toxic because of the hydrogen sulfide , and it is also boiling as the temperature reaches 350 degrees Celsius!!!. To know more about this read page 3 and 4 of this issue. Light– Who Wants It? The crowded City 2 The Helping Hand 2 Multiplying by Dividing 2 Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy 3 Our own Square of Imagi- nation 3 Advertisements 4 Inside this issue: We learned that the food we eat is rich of energy that had originally been captured from the sun. So we “save” energy in the food we eat like carbohydrates , fats, and proteins. When our body need energy , it will “withdraw” from the saving account in the food. To do that you need to “liquefy” your saving into glucose and use your pin number (oxygen) to help access your account and release your saved energy. Do not forget to discard the printed receipt (water and carbon dioxide) as a safety measure. Need energy ? You Got To save.
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chemo_synthesis - S eventh Grade Class April, 2002 Volume...

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