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Creating an Action Button and Hiding Slides PPT 2007

Creating an Action Button and Hiding Slides PPT 2007 -...

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Unformatted text preview: Activity: Flash Cards using Microsoft PowerPoint In addition to presentations, Power Point can be used to create a sequence of hyperlinked slides to use as electronic flash cards. When used, the questions will be displayed for students to consider and answers can be accessed by clicking on an appropriate navigation button. In this Skills Builder, you will build a flash card set you can adapt to any drill and practice activity. Power Point is a powerful presentation package that can be adapted to many teaching and learning tasks. This example creates basic flash cards using Power Point’s navigation tools. However, Power Point flash cards can also include sound, animation, and even video. You can record a verbal explanation for each slide or show illustrative video clips. This activity will provide with you the basic skills you need to set up a flash card presentation. From there, you can add as many enhancements as your creativity allows. Using the skills you gained in the All About You PowerPoint Assignment create 10 different flash cards in Microsoft PowerPoint (21 slides total), which includes an opening slide with your name and the topic. Make up your own Flash Cards from any topic you want. Sample ideas include vocabulary words or state facts. Use creative clip art in this project along the way. Make sure to include action buttons with links and to hide the answer slides. See attached instructions for creating action buttons and hiding slides. Email this assignment to me prior to the next class [email protected] . Sample Slide Layout: Slide 1 – Title Slide Slide 2 – Question Flash Card Slide 3 – Answer Flash Card (Hidden) Slide 4 – Question Flash Card Slide 5 – Answer Flash Card (Hidden) Slide 6 – Question Flash Card Slide 7 – Answer Flash Card (Hidden) Slide 8 – Question Flash Card Slide 9 – Answer Flash Card (Hidden) Slide 10 – Question Flash Card Slide 11 – Answer Flash Card (Hidden) Slide 12 – Question Flash Card Slide 13 – Answer Flash Card (Hidden) Slide 14 – Question Flash Card Slide 15 – Answer Flash Card (Hidden) Slide 16 – Question Flash Card Slide 17 – Answer Flash Card (Hidden) Slide 18 – Question Flash Card Slide 19 – Answer Flash Card (Hidden) Slide 20 – Question Flash Card Slide 21 – Answer Flash Card (Hidden) C reating an Action Button and Hiding Slides 1. Create Both Your Question and Answer Slides 2. On the Question Slide choose the INSERT tab → SHAPES → ACTION BUTTONS (Choose an ACTION BUTTON for your slide now) 3. Draw your ACTION BUTTON on your slide (just like drawing a text box) after this the Action Settings screen will appear. Choose Hyperlink to: →Scroll down to Slide… TIP: Do not choose just NEXT SLIDE. Since we will be hiding the next slide (Answer Slide), it will then just skip to the next Question slide. 4. Once you click on Slide… you will be able to choose the slide you want to hyperlink to. Choose the Answer Slide that relates to your question. 5. You can Hide your Answer Slide two ways, either by right clicking on it in the slide sort on the left side of the screen and choosing Hide Slide or at the top under Slide Show tab click on the Hide Slide Button 6. Now when you go to SLIDE SHOW tab → From Beginning 7. Now when you go through the slide show you should be able to click on the Action Button on the Question Slide to take you to the Answer Slide. If you do not click on this button, it will just take you to the next Question Slide until you click on the Action Button for the Answer. ...
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