Columbine1 - Guns are in the everyday American life Our...

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Unformatted text preview: Guns are in the everyday American life. Our society has been greatly impacted by guns no matter if we wanted to be or not. Guns in America have created fear and turmoil. 0n the other side it can be said that guns have brought protection and safety. No one in either case is wrong, guns do both. In the documentary Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore shows how guns have shaped our society and what leads people to commit these gun related acts of violence. The documentary, in my belief, was a fair assessment of guns in our society. This documentary shows us why guns are such a big issue. We as Americans have dealt with guns as if they were toys. Moore shows us how media, television, and games have shaped how we view guns. It is a fair assessment that America on one side is extremely afraid of guns and yet on the other side we are a gun crazed nation. Americans are different from other countries because we live with more fear, and guns are supposed to protect us. It has come to the point though, that guns have become more of a weapon against us than for us. A woman in the film who was from Canada was asked why we as Americans are the leaders in deaths due to gun violence and she stated that “Americans do not think before they act” this statement is very true. Many times guns become our first choice to solve a problem; if someone looks at us I a way we don’t like we shoot them. This is some peoples remedy and it shouldn’t be. That person does not think before they act and in that instant their life and that other person have completely changed. Also, this documentary shows the fear that America has for guns. Our nation has been brought up with guns and we are to be fearful of them. Many people View guns as a source of violence and to protect ourselves from this and other things we must have a gun. This film truly shows the reason our society differs from others with the issue of guns. This film truly shows the reason our society differs from others with the issue of guns. Moore does link this video together with the Columbine shooting by showing why these two men may have done what they did. It is seems as if they may have done this because the way our society handles our weapons and what they were taught from history and present things. This video did not change my view on guns. It strengthened my view on why America is the way it is when it comes to gun violence problems. My belief is that we are extremely fearfiil and do not think before we act. America has had a history of gun violence and it is only getting worse. I believe that guns are a big issue when placed in the wrong hands. Many people in society see guns as a bad thing and that is what this documentary has shown. I believe this to be completely true. Our society has been trained and taught that guns are bad and no good comes from them. There are people who also see guns as a great thing and who believe that everyone should have one to protect themselves. Both views are correct and have been shown in this movie but with a greater emphasis for guns being bad things. This documentary did its job in showing the American culture with guns. It sufficiently shows how our society has developed its beliefs in gun violence and delved into and discussed the root of all gun violence problems. I also believe this film shed guns in a different light and in a way one may have not thought about before. Many people are quick to pick a side on guns and they don’t comprehend the true issue of them. Guns will always be around and more than likely be a controversial issue but this video has given me a better perspective on my already established thoughts on why America has a large gun problem. ...
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Columbine1 - Guns are in the everyday American life Our...

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